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Healthy Home Essentials and Assessment Principles and Practice

If you visit homes to provide health, education, or assessment services of any kind, you will benefit from the Healthy Home Essentials, Assessments Principles & Practice Course. This three-day, advanced training is a comprehensive, interactive and hands-on course that teaches you the essential knowledge of the eight healthy home principles and how to apply these important concepts when assessing health and safety risks in homes.

This course will cover taking an environmental history from clients, in-home education, basic building science for home assessors, visual assessment techniques, identifying and prioritizing health and safety concerns, basic environmental measurement and sampling, and risk communication and assessment reporting best practices.

Target audience

Public Health Professionals, Housing Professionals, Environmental Professionals, Nurse Case Managers, Public Health Nurses, Home Inspectors, Emergency Medical Technicians, Asthma Case Managers, Community Action Agency Staff

What you'll learn

This three-day course will cover in-home education and visual assessment techniques, as well as basic environmental measurement and sampling. The course involves instruction both in the classroom and in the field. The field portion of the training will take place in a local home practicing and applying the techniques learned during the classroom instruction.

Discussion topics include:

  • Taking an Environmental History
  • In-home Education
  • Building Systems and Science
  • Environmental Exposure & Risk Assessment
  • Using a Visual Assessment Tool to Identify Hazards
  • Basic Measurement Tools Practice
  • Qualitative (Visual) Assessment
  • Quantitative Assessment & Sampling
  • Risk Analysis & Communication
  • Healthy Home Interventions
  • Assessment Limitations


Registration includes the course manual and educational materials.

Please contact Kevin Kennedy at (816) 302-8565 for more information.