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Inside Pediatrics: Season Two

In season two of Inside Pediatrics, go behind the walls of Children's Mercy to watch how families carry inside the weight of uncertainty, but leave with hope. Follow inspiring stories such as the care team working together to solve an extraordinary rare disorder, a teenage girl awaiting a heart transplant, and the fight for life for an infant in respiratory distress.

Episode 1: A Brighter Future

At Children's Mercy Kansas City, passionate physicians and innovative research help children achieve a brighter future. In the first episode of Inside Pediatrics Season Two, watch as the oncology team uses multiple therapies to treat a 3-year-old facing a life or death battle with a rare form of pediatric cancer. Follow a brave 9-year-old inside the operating room to see pediatric neurosurgeons remove the part of his brain causing epileptic seizures. Watch orthopedic surgeons implant a revolutionary internal magnet to give a teenage girl the chance to walk normally without painful external devices. Learn how the hospital’s single visit surgery program offers diagnosis, surgery and discharge in just one day.

Episode 2: Medical Mysteries

Pediatric medicine has made great strides, but some medical mysteries demand the most advanced diagnostic tools to uncover the elusive answers. Diverse specialties at Children's Mercy Kansas City work together to save a 3-year-old with a disease affecting fewer than 40 children worldwide. Genomic diagnosis helps a girl who can’t stop twitching. Watch the neurosurgery team perform her rare deep brain stimulation procedure as she remains semi-conscious during surgery. Hit the road with Children’s Mercy specialists as they travel across the region to bring the latest treatments to children with hemophilia. And watch a surgeon rebuild nerves smaller than a spaghetti strand to give a baby boy the chance to move his arm again.

Episode 3: Hurry Up and Wait

When children get sick, their care can be a hurry-up race against time or a waiting game that may take years…and physicians must know which response is the right one. Spend a dramatic evening in the Emergency department where specially trained care teams race against the clock to administer the highest level of critical care in the region. Go inside the operating room to watch surgeons create a new ACL for one of the top high school athletes in the state. Share a young family’s journey from prenatal diagnosis to surgery for their son born with organs outside his body. Then, minutes turn into months for a teenage girl with a failing heart who waits for the call that can save her life.

Episode 4: Hopes and Dreams

In the final episode of Inside Pediatrics Season Two, follow a Children's Mercy Kansas City team to Mexico City and see how international collaboration helps children on both sides of the border. But sometimes, even the best care can't save a critically ill child, and the palliative care team is there to help families cope with devastating outcomes. Then, share a laugh with Kansas City's native stars as they come home from Hollywood to help raise money for life-saving cancer care. And let your spirit soar with an inspiring montage of this season's triumphs, thanks to the care, compassion and life-saving treatments that turn hopes and dreams into realities for families and patients at Children's Mercy Kansas City.

The Heart of Children's Mercy

The Heart of Children's Mercy is a special episode following Sawyer and Marisa, two patients who were both bravely waiting on heart transplants at the conclusion of season two. Watch the full episode now as their stories continue.

More stories of inspiration 

Be inspired through even more stories of how cutting edge technology, seeing medical care through a child's eyes and customized care leads to powerful outcomes for children.

Season One Update

Follow up with some of the amazing children and families from Inside Pediatrics Season One. Where are they now?

Inside Pediatrics Webisode: Lorelei's Story

Doctors not only treat disease, they can help prevent it. Find out about Children's Mercy's participation in a nationwide trial to identify children at high risk of developing Type One diabetes.

Inside Pediatric's Webisode: Zane's Story

Severe gastrointestinal pain can be debilitating. See how the GI Pain Lab at Children's Mercy combines medicine with biofeedback and other treatments to help kids live with less pain.

Inside Pediatric's Webisode: Anesthesiology

Anesthesiologists are the unsung heroes of the surgery suite. Learn more about how these pediatric specialists maintain vital signs, control pain and administer medication to children of all ages and sizes.

Inside Pediatrics Webisode: Lance's Story

Children's Mercy cares for kids even before they are born. The Elizabeth J. Ferrell Fetal Health Center helps identify high-risk pregnancies and creates a care plan to support babies in the region's only Level IV Neonatal Intensive Care Unit.

Inside Pediatrics Webisode: Bandage Artist

Heart surgery can be scary for kids and families. See how a little sketch created by a compassionate critical care nurse makes a big difference for children and their families as they recover from heart surgery.

Inside Pediatrics Webisode: Marcus' Story

Caring for a child with medical complexity can be overwhelming. The Beacon program acts as a lighthouse... a single clinic which helps families coordinate and navigate through the sea of specialists and treatments to provide optimal care for their child.

Inside Pediatrics Season 2: How Can You Help?

Children's Mercy Kansas City is a non-profit hospital serving all children regardless of their families' ability to pay. Every gift of time, talent or treasure makes a difference. Find out how you can join the mission to bring hope to every child.

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