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Refer a Patient to Nutrition

New Patient Appointments

Step 1
Complete Form
Step 2
Review and Schedule

Complete the New Patient Appointment Form.

For best results, please use Google Chrome.

The Children's Mercy Contact Center will call the patient within 2 business days to schedule an appointment.

Scheduled and requested appointment status can be found on the Wednesday referral reports.


Follow-Up Appointments

Follow up appointments should be scheduled by the patient by calling the Nutrition Clinic at (816) 234-3468.


Conditions Treated

Age appropriate diet/diet concerns, allergies/food intolerance, amenorrhea/irregular periods, autism, ADHD, blended feeds, constipation, decreased appetite, diabetes type 2, Down Syndrome, elevated HbA1C, elevated lipids, EoE, FTT, malnutrition, female athlete triad, food refusal, FPIES/Pica, tube feedings, iron deficiency, low weight, vomiting, picky eating, food aversions, poor/slow growth, Prader Willi, prediabetes, insulin resistance, sports nutrition, underweight, vegetarian/vegan, weight management, obesity

This clinic requires that a physician's referral be submitted prior to scheduling an appointment.

Patients with a BMI greater than the 95th percentile should be referred to the Weight Management clinic.