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Making Needle Procedures More Comfortable at COVID-19 Vaccine Clinics

The Comfort Promise from Children's Mercy

At Children’s Mercy, we have a plan called the Comfort Promise that will help make your child’s needle procedure easier. Before your child’s COVID-19 vaccination, we want to provide an overview of the Comfort Promise offerings your child will receive from us. We also want to give ideas of what you can do as a parent or caregiver to enhance your child’s experience during their vaccination. 

We are committed to making your child's vaccination as comfortable as possible.

What we will offer your child:

  • Cold spray (for numbing effect).

  • Shot blocker (for distracting pain signals to the brain).

    Health care provider placing yellow shot blocker patch on child's arm.





What you can do or practice with your child:

  • Apply numbing cream (4% Lidocaine) 30 minutes prior to needle procedure.

    Numbing cream wrapped in plastic on a child's arm.




  • Practice distraction techniques. Helpful options include:
    • Help them focus on something fun. Common choices include music, phones, listening to a favorite playlist, using a hand-held game or watching a video.
    • Encourage them to take deep breaths, breathing in to a count of 4 and out to a count of 6.
    • Use apps on their phone or device designed for breathing, relaxation or distraction.

  • Hold or be next to your child during the procedure. For teens and tweens, it is important to get their input on what position feels best to them and what role they would like parents to play.