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Spine Care Consultations

What to Expect

Evaluation by a comprehensive spine care team

At Children’s Mercy, you can often see all the specialists your child might need in one place. When you call to make an appointment with our Spine Care team, we will ask questions and send you some paperwork so we can schedule you with the right team for your child’s needs.

Spine consultations leading to a treatment plan

During a spine consultation, your child will be evaluated by a board-certified pediatric orthopedic surgeon, a pediatric orthopedic physician or an advanced practice pediatric orthopedic nurse. This team-based approach allows us to schedule and evaluate your child as soon as possible and start them on the path to treatment, if needed.

During your child’s appointment, we will do a thorough evaluation, including x-ray images of their spine, hand and elbow to determine their bone age (how close they are to reaching skeletal maturity). You will leave with a diagnosis and a plan for treatment, follow-up care and surgical consultation appointment, if needed.

Telemedicine clinic

Families who live at a distance from our Kansas City area locations may be able to meet with a spine care specialist via telemedicine. Telemedicine allows you to have a live, real-time visit with the doctor from a clinic that’s more conveniently located near you. Ask your provider if this service is suitable for your visit. We offer telemedicine clinics in the following locations:

Children's Mercy St. Joseph (816) 236-6900

Children's Mercy Joplin (417) 578-2200

Children's Mercy Wichita (316) 500-8900