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The Feeding Clinic at Children's Mercy cares for infants and young children who have problems that impact their desire or ability to eat.

Our team includes a pediatrician, occupational therapist, dietitian, and psychologist who focus on improving children's feeding skills. We will evaluate your child and work closely with your primary care physician, subspecialists, and home therapists to develop a home program to improve feeding skills. You can always reach the team by phone or email in between visits with questions or concerns.

Your child’s growth and health is our primary goal. Once we’re seeing good growth patterns, we’ll begin to work on safe, developmentally appropriate feeding. Our staff is experienced at treating complex feeding problems as well as tube feeding and tube weaning. We can also work on improving social eating and drinking skills.

Our patients are frequently NICU graduates or have similar medically and developmentally complex conditions. As children approach 5 or 6 years old, they will be transitioned to another program for ongoing treatment and support.