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Health Services and Outcomes Research Funded Projects

Multiple HSOR division members

K23 HD083405 Miller (PI)

Frontiers CTSA

Supplement to the enhanced intervention to improve adolescent outcomes: A clinical trial.

Major Goal(s): Apply newly obtained knowledge and skills to enhance and test our ED SexHealth intervention using a randomized trial of intervention versus standard information arm to determine the effect size of rates of health service uptake.

Roles: Mentor (Goggin, Staggs)

R01 HD090981 Wagner, Goggin, Wanyenze (Co-PIs)


Integrating Counseling to Transform HIV Family Planning Services

Major Goal(s): To assess efficacy, effectiveness and cost-effectiveness of two different models of integrating safer conception counseling into HIV+ Family Planning programs in Uganda.

Roles: Principal Investigator (Goggin), Co-Investigator (Staggs)

CDR-1507-31759 Goggin, Newland (Co-PIs)


Resetting the default: Improving provider-patient communication to reduce antibiotic misuse.

Major Goal(s): Conduct a comparative effectiveness study of two mhealth parent-provider communication interventions to reduce inappropriate antibiotic prescribing for acute respiratory tract infections in children.

Roles: Principal Investigator (Goggin), Co-Investigators (Bradley-Ewing, Hurley), Biostatistician (Lee)

DP3 DK108211 Patton (PI)


An interactive mHealth app for better glycemic control in families of young kids with T1D

Major Goal(s): To develop a novel adherence intervention using telemedicine and text messaging to enhance adherence among kids ages 1-6 with T1 diabetes.

Roles: Co-Investigator (Goggin, Staggs)

R01MH099981, Berkeley-Patton (PI)


Increasing HIV Screening in African American Churches

Major Goal(s): a) To test a religiously and culturally-appropriate HIV screening intervention delivered by church leaders using a supportive HIV Tool Kit in African American churches; b) evaluate the role of mediators and moderators related to HIV screening behaviors of church members and community members using church outreach services; and c) conduct a process evaluation to determine intervention exposure, facilitators, barriers, and costs in order to identify essential intervention components.

Roles: Co-Investigator (Goggin), Project Coordinator (Bradley-Ewing)


Midwest Cancer Alliance Myers (PI)

University of Kansas Cancer Center

Adherence to AFIX Strategies and HPV Immunizations in Pediatric Practices

Major Goal(s): Assess adherence to AFIX recommended immunization strategies and HPV vaccination rates among pediatric community practices in the Integrated Care Solutions network.

Role: Co-Investigator


R36 MH115722 Booker (PI)

NIMH/Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality

Exploring Mental Health Screening and Linkage to Care among Young African American Men

Major Goal(s): Identify Theory of Planned Behavior (TPB)-grounded facilitators and barriers to the receipt of mental health screening among trauma exposed young urban AA men, disseminate study results, and collect input on potential intervention strategies.

Role: Mentor/consultant

TL1 Aduloju-Ajijola (PI)

Frontiers: University of Kansas Clinical and Translational Science Institute

Religiously tailoring the ARTAS strength-based system
Major Goal(s): a) To create a community advisory board (CAB) made up of representative AAPLWH (African American persons living with HIV), church leaders, and health/HIV service providers to ensure appropriate religious-cultural tailoring of ARTAS components; b) examine the facilitators, barriers, and potential intervention strategies of a culturally-religiously tailored ARTAS guided by the CAB and RE-AIM model; c) conduct a brief survey and semi-structured interviews with AAPLWH and focus groups with church and health/service agency providers; d) incorporate findings into an AA tailored ARTAS pilot intervention manualized model for future testing with health agencies in partnership with faith organizations.

Role: Mentor

R25 HG009651 Farrow (PI)


An Immersive Experience in Medical Genomics

Major Goal(s): to understand the factors that may influence differential interpretations of genetic variants among clinicians.

Role: Advisory Board Member

UL1 TR000001 Barohn, PI (PI)

NIH/Clinical and Translational Research Science Award
Frontiers: The Heartland Institute for Clinical and Translational Research (HICTR)

Major Goal(s): to support high quality translational and clinical research locally, regionally, and nationally, and fosters innovation in methods, training, and career development.

Role: Function Lead, Integrating Special Populations and Mentor

R01 HD076673-04S2 Kessler (PI)


Supplement to the evaluation of the HITSystem© to improve early infant diagnosis outcomes in Kenya - Piloting at-birth point of care HIV testing strategies in Kenya.

Major Goals(s): Conduct a multisite pilot of point of care HIV testing in HITSystem© sites.

Role: Co-Investigator

R01 NR0173340 Bogart (PI)


A randomized controlled trial of an antiretroviral treatment adherence intervention for HIV+ African Americans

Major Goal(s): Conduct a RCT to examine the efficacy and cost effectiveness of a culturally relevant adherence intervention on long-term antiretroviral treatment adherence and viral load suppression among black men and women living with HIV.

Role: Co-Investigator

K23 HD083405 Miller (PI)


Enhanced intervention to improve adolescent outcomes: A clinical trial.

Major Goal(s): Apply newly obtained knowledge and skills to enhance and test our ED SexHealth intervention using a randomized trial of intervention versus standard information arm to determine the effect size of rates of health service uptake.

Role: Mentor

R01 HD076673-04S1 Kessler (PI)


Supplement to the Evaluation of the HITSystem© to Improve Early Infant Diagnosis Outcomes in Kenya.
Major Goals(s): Explore the feasibility of a new HITSystem© module targeting the prevention of mother-to-child transmission of HIV.

Role: Consultant

R01 HL126099 Catley (PI)


Adapting the Diabetes Prevention Program for a developing world context.

Major Goal(s): To adapt and test the Diabetes Prevention Program for reducing weight and cardiometabolic risk among individuals with diabetes and cardiovascular disease in a low-income urban community in South Africa. Proposed adaptations to the program include preparing it for delivery by community health workers, enhancing facilitator communications skills training based on principles of Motivational Interviewing, and using interactive text-messaging to support program delivery.

Role: Co-Investigator

T32 HD069038 Leeder (PI)


Children’s Mercy Hospital collaborative fellowship program in Pediatric Pharmacology.

Major Goal(s): Develop a postdoctoral research fellowship program in Pediatric Clinical/Developmental Pharmacology.

Role: Mentor

U01 DK106984 Clements/Moore (PI)


Type 1 Diabetes TrialNet Clinical Centers

Major Goal(s): To become a Clinical Center for Type 1 Diabetes TrialNet.

Role: Consultant

R34 MH107337 Kessler (PI)


Adapting the HITSystem to support PMTCT retention and ART adherence in Kenya

Major Goal(s): Modify the HITSystem to engage and retain HIV+ pregnant women throughout antenatal, obstetric and postnatal services and evaluate its impact on adherence to PMTCT related behaviors.

Role: Co-Investigator


SystemCHANGE: A pilot RCT for medication adherence in older kidney transplant recipients

Major Goal(s): Conduct a pilot study to determine the feasibility and estimate effect size of an intervention to improve adherence in older kidney transplant recipients.

Role: Consultant

R34 MH108393 Katz (PI)


Treatment Ambassador Program (TAP)

Major Goal(s): to develop and pilot test an intervention in which peer counsellors use motivational interviewing to address antiretroviral treatment refusal among people living with HIV in Cape Town.

Role: Co-Investigator

Clinical Pilot Research Grant Finocchario-Kessler (PI)

KUMC/Frontiers CTSA

Transmitted HIV drug resistance, viral suppression, and adherence in Kenyan infants

Major Goal(s): To determine and describe the level of transmitted HIV drug resistance in treatment naïve HIV-infected infants, assess viral suppression by 12 months of age, and understand barriers to infant ART adherence in Kenya.

Role: Consultant

R01 DK93592 Russell (PI)


SystemCHANGE: An RCT for medication adherence in kidney transplant recipients

Major Goal(s): Test an innovative 6-month SystemCHANGE intervention to enhance immunosuppressive medication adherence in adult non-adherent kidney transplant recipients.

Role: Co-Investigator

R01 DK100779 Patton (PI)


Longitudinal test of adherence & control in kids new to T1 diabetes & 5-9 yrs old

Major Goal(s): To assess adherence and glycemic control among 5-9 year-olds with new-onset type 1 diabetes and develop an intervention for these understudied children.

Role: Co-Investigator

R01 MH104086 Wagner (PI)


Controlled Evaluation of the Adherence Readiness Program for ART Adherence

Major Goal(s): RCT of a novel adherence intervention incorporating motivational interviewing techniques to tailor adherence intervention dosage to individual patient needs and uses practice trial to gauge readiness.


Modeling pediatric cancer trajectories using de-identified EHR data

PI: Mark Hoffman

Major Goal(s): Develop data science processes for generating data marts focused on pediatric cancers, beginning with ALL and AML, from Health Facts that are optimized for “trajectory” analysis. We have assembled an interdisciplinary team of oncology and data science experts from Children’s Mercy and Kansas State University to perform this work.

Funding organization: Midwest Cancer Alliance

Role: Statistician


Jazz Pharmaceuticals Chan (PI)

Using Ultrasound Elastography to Predict Development of Sinusoidal Obstruction Syndrome

Major Goal(s): Examine quantitative shear wave ultrasound elastography for use in more accurately diagnosing SOS and determining prognosis to guide subsequent treatment.

Role: Co-investigator

R03HD096097 Carlson (PI)

Understanding obesity-related behaviors and the role of school and non-school environments using location-based measures

Major Goal(s): Investigate the role of energy expenditure in physical activity, and multi-level factors in relation to energy balance.

Role: Co-investigator

American Heart Association Forsha (trainee)

Cardiovascular changes with weight loss in obese adolescents with intellectual and developmental disabilities

Role: Mentor


The impact of individualized home environmental intervention on severe asthma

Major Goal(s): Assess impact of home environment intervention on asthma control in children with severe asthma.

Role: Co-investigator

F31 DK116480 Noser (trainee)

Assessment of physical activity and sedentary behavior on glucose in teens with Type 1 diabetes

Major Goal(s): Inform future intervention development targeting adherence to moderate-to-vigorous physical activity recommendations in adolescents with Type 1 diabetes.

Role: Co-sponsor

NASPGHAN Foundation Young Investigator Award Shakhnovich (PI)

The impact of obesity on systemic proton pump inhibitor (PPI) exposure in children and adolescents

Major Goal(s): Investigate the physiologic determinants of altered proton pump inhibitor pharmacokinetics observed in children, testing the hypothesis that three obesity-related changes in physiology (hepatic fat infiltration, low-grade inflammation, changes in basal metabolic rate) contribute to variability in PPI pharmacokinetics, and therefore DME activity, in obese children.

Role: Co-investigator

U54 HD090258 Leeder (PI)

Genomic- and ontogeny-linked dose individualization and clinical optimization for kids

Specialized Centers in Research in Pediatric Developmental Pharmacology

Major Goal(s): Provide an arena for multidisciplinary interactions between basic and clinical scientists interested in establishing translational research programs in pediatric developmental pharmacology, and a national resource for education of new scientists pursuing translational research careers in high-priority areas of pediatric developmental pharmacology.

Role: Co-investigator

Braden’s Hope for Childhood Cancer Godwin, Samuel (PIs)

Exosome miRNAs as biomarkers and targets for chemo-resistance in Ewing Sarcoma

Major goal(s): Identify miRNAs associated with chemo-resistance in Ewing Sarcoma, identify potential therapeutic targets of chemo-resistance, and design and deliver siRNA payloads via exosomes to reverse chemotherapy resistance.

Role: Co-investigator


Helmsley Charitable Trust (HCT grant) Clements, M (PI)

Improving Type 1 Diabetes Care Via Predictive Analytics and a Learning Health System

Major Goal(s): To empower T1D Clinics with the ability to turn any and all available clinic data (administrative, demographic, clinical) into actionable predictions for improving T1D care delivery and outcomes.

Role: Project Manager