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Personal Growth and Wellbeing

Children’s Mercy Berry Institute

Includes a peer-to-peer mentoring, a focus on self-care and rejuvenation, recognition, and interpersonal relationship management.

Peer-to-peer mentoring

  • Socialize with team members throughout the organization by participating in networking opportunities like, “Coffee with Colleagues” for building relationships with your peers across the organization.
  • Engage in cross-functional cohorts on topics that ignite your passions as a way to collaborate with like-minded individuals or tap into experts who can provide guidance.
  • Solve problems with your colleagues through online forums that facilitate problem-based networking between individuals.

Self-care and rejuvenation

  • Enhance your time management skills by engaging in learning that helps you focus on your personal growth by intentionally identifying and removing waste from your day-to-day schedule.
  • Participate in moderated discussion groups that support your emotional growth and wellbeing.
  • Utilize private pockets of physical space when you need a moment to yourself or to hold private conversations with a colleague.

Appreciation and recognition

  • Post shout-outs, share stories, or send notes of appreciation about your colleagues in a public forum and with organizational visibility.

Onboarding ambassador

  • Begin your career with a peer ambassador who can provide you the guidance and support you need to understand the technical aspects of your new role, the culture, and who models the values that support the vision and mission of Children’s Mercy.

Interpersonal relationship management

  • Participate in reality-based emotionally sensitive scenarios that give you the opportunity to practice and enhance your communication and decision-making skills.