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Operational Innovation

Children’s Mercy Berry Institute

Includes a human-centered design focus, interdisciplinary expert guidance, a transformation design program, an innovation lab, and an idea pipeline.

Human-centered design

  • Infuse user-centered design and human factors within problem-solving methodologies.
  • Apply a user-centered design approach through prototyping, iterations, and pilots while you engage stakeholders, including patients and families, in the design process.
  • Enroll in design thinking bootcamps and courses to learn how to identify problems, prototype, and facilitate change from an end-user perspective.

Interdisciplinary expert guidance

  • Connect with on-demand experts who can help you or your team tackle specific challenges.
  • Receive guidance from a range of internal expert areas, including change management, project management, improvement, and finance, and external innovation partners, such as Cerner, a Kansas City-based healthcare software development company.

Transformation design program

  • Innovate as a team on urgent and strategic patient-health and experience challenges by applying design methodologies that allow for experimentation and prototyping of solutions.
  • Participate in cross-functional project teams that allow you to grow relationships and lend your expertise to solving organizational challenges.

Innovation lounge

  • Meet your colleagues at the coffee shop and take advantage of a fully stocked resource library to get the ideas flowing.
  • Schedule time in the Innovation Lab to hold workshops, promote crowdsourcing projects, and collaborate with innovation teams.
  • Immerse yourself in the latest artificial intelligence, augment reality, and virtual reality technologies for testing and learning simulation experiences.

Idea pipeline

A portal for identifying and nominating opportunities for innovation and improvement that complements those identified at an enterprise level. The portal combines both qualitative and quantitative means by featuring:

  • Access to a digital dashboard that shares input from real-time data collection.
  • Engage in a crowdsourcing forum where you can submit ideas for an initiative, follow-up on responses, or champion a project.