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Core Learning and Development

Children’s Mercy Berry Institute

Includes a variety of live content, digital and next-generation learning, access to peer experts, internal shadowing, and leadership and innovations summits. 

In addition to experiential learning in formal classrooms, as a team member, you will have access to a range of learning experiences, including:

Multi-format live content

  • Offsite retreats as a component of specific courses, featuring team-building exercises, and local or national tours/field trips.
  • Team observing for a day or a shift (to learn Lean methodologies or how other roles operate within a related patient experience).
  • Lunch n’ Learn kits that make it easy for teams to host their own sessions and learn as a group.
  • Physical games brought to Gemba for playful microlearning at lunch or huddles.

Digital and next-gen learning

  • On-demand digital learning modules that support a reverse classroom model where you can digest content through digital channels before attending a class in-person.
  • Digital gamified learning experiences that create a sense of competition and offering virtual or real rewards, potentially as a partnership with businesses to offer prizes to those upon reaching milestones.
  • A robust podcast library that starts with curation and expands to creating original content.

Access to peer experts

  • Utilize improvement and leadership peer experts, think of them as teaching assistants, as a complement to specific courses to help you internalize and apply your learning in real-life situations.
  • Access peer experts during “office hours” and connect either in-person or virtually.

Internal shadowing

  • Experience long-term shadowing or secondment assignments as you approach or consider a vertical or horizontal career transition.
  • Engage in shadowing experiences to learn how to work more effectively with your peers in cross-functional but related roles, and to identify opportunities for increased efficiency and collaboration.

Leadership and innovation summit

  • Demonstrate thought leadership in health care relative to both improvement and leadership while promoting internal recognition during an annual summit that focuses on and elevates these topics.
  • Partner with external experts to present examples of collaborative improvement and leadership work, engage in panel discussions, and host workshops showcasing successful, playful learning methods, such as design thinking and improv-style scenarios, explored by the Institute.