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Career Navigation

Children’s Mercy Berry Institute

Includes career mentoring, coaching, a concierge coordinator, and a digital portal of services.

Personalized career mentoring

  • Engage with a mentor who can help you craft a personalized career path and serve as a sounding board as you encounter successes and challenges throughout your career progression.
  • Take advantage of career frameworks to help shape your professional aspirations and growth.

Career coach

  • Utilize career coaches who can provide you with guidance and career counseling to help you self-assess and define your development path.

Concierge coordinator

  • Use this role to understand all of the educational happenings within Children’s Mercy and connect you to the relevant people and resources you need to continue your desired growth and development.
  • Participate in digital learning experiences based on AI recommendations shaped by your responses to quizizzes and prior learning interactions.

Digital portal (of services)

  • Explore a single digital repository of services and resources to facilitate the exploration and discovery of learning experiences offered by the Institute.
  • Provide your feedback as a mechanism to help establish new service priorities and learning experiences.