Autism Services

Autism Services

Children's Mercy Kansas City provides services and resources for early diagnosis and intervention for children with Autism Spectrum Disorder and other neurodevelopmental disorders. Our comprehensive evaluation ensures an accurate diagnosis to provide each family with complete treatment recommendations. We then focus on connecting families to the best resources and therapies in the community. 

Program Staff

Patients benefit from a team approach that includes a developmental pediatrician, child psychologist, speech therapist and occupational therapist. The clinical assessment typically includes an in-depth interview, medical history, cognitive, behavioral, speech language, and motor assessments.

Program Highlights

  • Children's Mercy provides training for interns, post-doctoral students and medical residents to increase autism resources in the state of Missouri. 
  • Our program provides diagnostic services and then connects families to community resources appropriate for their diagnosis.
  • A family resource specialist and education coordinator provide ongoing resources and training opportunities for families.

Your Child's Appointment

Toddler and preschool-age patients are scheduled for an evaluation in either a team or dyad appointment, which is determined after receiving and reviewing paperwork submitted by parents. School-age children are evaluated by a licensed psychologist only and referred to other specialties as needed.  

Team Appointments

Team appointments consist of a licensed psychologist, developmental pediatrician, speech language pathologist and occupational therapist. 

Dyad Appointments

Dyad appointments consist of a licensed psychologist and developmental pediatrician. School-age children are evaluated by a licensed psychologist only and referred to other specialties on an as needed basis.  

Education/Service Agencies

First Steps
(866) 583-2392

Head Start
(816) 474-4240
Head Start

Parents as Teachers

Parents as Teachers or contact your local school district

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