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November 2013 New Process for Emergency Department Referrals

    The Emergency Department and Transport Communication Center have teamed up to create a new process for Emergency Department referrals. In an effort to streamline the referral process for both referring and receiving providers, all referrals to the Children's Mercy Hospital ED will now go through the communication center. The communication specialist will get basic information about the patient and will relay that information to the ED physician. If no more information is needed, referring physicians will no longer have to wait for an ED physician to take the call. Each caller will be asked if he/she has any questions for the ED and will always have the opportunity to speak with an ED physician if requested.

    Unstable patients will still involve physician to physician conversation, but for many stable patients, we are finding this new process is saving time. In order to refer a patient to the ED, you can still call 1-800-GOMERCY. As with all new processes, there will be a few bumps along the way. We appreciate your patience and constructive suggestions

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