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January 2014 SCAN Clinic Opens in St. Joseph
Children’s Mercy is now offering a new service to children in Northwest Missouri who have been/or may be victims of sexual or physical abuse.

A SCAN Clinic (Safety Caring and Nurturing Clinic) is now available at Children’s Mercy St. Joseph–Heartland Specialty Clinics in St. Joseph, Mo. The clinic is staffed on-site by Children’s Mercy personnel, and children and families will be seen via telemedicine by a board certified child abuse pediatrician. Telemedicine services have been in place in St. Joseph for a year now, but the child abuse evaluations are a new component.

The clinic has a pediatric nurse who has received specialized training in working with the telemedicine equipment as well as performing examinations on suspected victims of child abuse. The nurse will work with the child abuse pediatricians on every case. A child abuse pediatrician meets with each caregiver and the child via a telemedicine “robot” prior to the exam and then is present in the room via the “robot” throughout the entire examination. The nurse physically performs the examination under the guidance of the physician.

The use of telemedicine allows these children to receive specialized medical evaluations following suspected abuse without having to travel so far. Each patient visit will have a written note generated by the child abuse pediatrician. The child abuse pediatrician will also be available to testify or participate in further communication with the multidisciplinary team as needed.

The SCAN Clinic will be held on the first, second and fourth Tuesday afternoon of the month. To schedule an appointment, the family or advocate working with the family should call 816-234-3424. They should then mention where they are from and that they would like to be scheduled at the Children’s Mercy St. Joseph–Heartland Specialty Clinics. Families may still be scheduled at Children’s Mercy Hospital on the Adele Hall Campus near downtown Kansas City, Mo., as well if they prefer that option.

Patients that are best suited to be seen at the SCAN Clinic at Children’s Mercy St. Joseph-Heartland include:

1. Suspected victims of sexual abuse who have disclosed skin-to-skin contact involving the anogenital area that happened more than seven days ago and who are not having any bleeding due to trauma, severe pain, and who already have a safety plan established. We recommend that all patients who are eligible for a forensic interview have that completed first.

2. Suspected victims of physical abuse, including bruises, fractures, burns, and other injuries. If considering referring a child with suspected physical abuse for an evaluation, it is recommended that you first discuss the case with the SCAN social worker or doctor on call. These providers may be reached via 1-800-GO-MERCY (1-800-466-3729). Inform the operator that you have a question regarding child abuse. While some cases of suspected physical abuse may be seen via telemedicine, others may need to be seen in an emergency department or the main SCAN Clinic at Children’s Mercy Hospital on the Adele Hall Campus. We want to make sure children and their caregivers receive the best care possible to addresses their specific needs.

3. We are also able to see cases of follow up physical abuse. These patients may have been seen at an emergency department or as inpatients in the hospital.

If you have any questions about scheduling, or a referral please call 816-234-3424. Please also call if you have any general questions regarding telemedicine. The staff within the SCAN clinic will work to answer any questions and facilitate scheduling patients in the best location for their needs.

James Anderst, MD, MSCI
Division Director, Section on Child Abuse and Neglect

Tanya Burrell, MD
Child Abuse Pediatrician

Terra Frazier, DO, FAAP
Child Abuse Pediatrician

Mary Moffatt, MD
Program Director, Child Abuse Pediatric Fellowship

Lisa Spector, MD
Child Abuse Pediatrician; Developmental and Behavioral Pediatrician

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