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January 2014 Children’s Mercy and Freeman Health System Join Forces to Advance Pediatric Care in Southwest Missouri

Children’s Mercy is affiliating with Freeman Health System to enhance care for children in southwest Missouri. As part of this collaboration, Children’s Mercy is opening a permanent location, initially providing seven specialty clinics, on the Freeman campus.

These new Joplin clinics are an extension of Children’s Mercy, a nationally ranked pediatric medical center in Kansas City, with full support of its 600 pediatric specialists.

In addition to the permanent location and specialists, the institutions will collaborate on clinical practices, including: sharing of data, resources, protocols and guidelines; development and use of standardized pediatric measures and processes; sharing of expertise in particular specialties; and exchange of joint educational opportunities, all of which will contribute to quality care of our children and families.

Children’s Kansas City, a 1,832 square foot location, will offer seven specialties, Cardiology, Endocrinology/Diabetes, Gastroenterology, Hematology/Oncology, Nephrology, Rheumatology and Telemedicine. These clinics will now be offered at 3333 McIntosh Circle Drive, Suite 6, in Joplin on the Freeman campus.

Cardiology is provided by Mark Gelatt, MD; Endocrinology/Diabetes is provided by Naim Mitre, MD and Julia Broussard, MD; Gastroenterology is provided by Charles Hodge, MD and Ding-You Li, MD; Hematology/Oncology is provided by Gerald Woods, MD; Nephrology is provided by Judith Sybestyen, MD; and Rheumatology is provided by Elizabeth Kessler, MD.

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