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Podcasts The Patient/Family Advisor Program
    Podcasts The Patient/Family Advisor Program

    'Good Morning, Children's Mercy!' 

    Children’s Mercy established the Patient/Family Advisor Program to ensure that the perspectives and information provided by families and patients that we care for are respected and valued. In this week’s podcast, Jason talks with Cynthia Wheeler, a member of the Family Advisory Board (FAB) who sits on several committees to represent the voice of families, and Kristina Foster, MS, RN, APRN, BC, CWOCN. Cynthia and Kristina, who serve on the Pressure Ulcers Committee, provide their first-hand testimonials on how the program has helped improve communications, engage families (especially siblings) and brought positive changes in the relationship between hospital staff and the families we serve.
    (Time 10:55)

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