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Laser particle counts are the number of particles per cubic foot divided into 6 different size ranges. A laser beam literally counts the number of such particles as they are sucked past a detector. There is evidence that increased numbers of particles, particularly in the smaller ranges, are associated with heart diseases. That is why we measure it.

Tuesday, September 19, 2017

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Tuesday's Comments

Ragweed is stubbornly hanging on. The overnight rain washed a lot of pollen from the air. But, in the air that came in with the warm front after the rain there was a lot of ragweed pollen. Also with the increase in humidity the airborne spore level has jumped into the high range. This time of year there is high spore potential. When conditions are like this it is not uncommon for spore counts to go even higher. And people who are mold allergic can have a lot of symptoms. And, those whose asthma is triggered by mold can have serious asthma exacerbations.


Location Pollen (m3) Mold (m3)
Downtown 131 (High) 13376 (High)

Laser Particle Counts

Size Count (ft3)
0.3-0.5uM 1692764
0.5-1.0uM 218693
1 - 5uM 18607
5-10uM 1141
10-25uM 98
>25uM 5

Top 5 Pollens

Pollen Count Percent
Ragweed 102 78.46%
Chenopod 23 17.69%
Other Weed Pollen 2 1.54%
Pollen, Other 1 0.77%
Nettle and Grass 2 1.54%

Top 5 Molds

Mold Count Percent
Ascospores 8147 60.9%
Cladosporium 3640 27.21%
Basidiospores 1156 8.64%
Smuts 376 2.81%
Cercospora 58 0.43%

Pollen and mold counts are collected at Children's Mercy Hospitals and Clinics Hospital Hill location using a Hirst spore trap manufactured by Burkard Limited. Results are expressed as the mean value of the particles per cubic meter and represent an integrated 24 hour collection. These results may be published for media purposes provided the Children's Mercy Hospitals and Clinics logo is used to acknowledge the source. Written authorization must be provided for commercial use of the results. For a recorded count, call (816) 346-1331.

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