Center for Childhood Safety
Center for Childhood Safety
Car Seat Program

When it comes to the well being of your child, nothing should be left to chance, especially in a motor vehicle. Learn more about car seat safety with these helpful resources.

First Aid Kit

Preparation and detection are key components of preventing accidental childhood injury. Children's Mercy's emergency-medicine specialists advise that parents keep their first aid kit up to date and that each member of the family - age permitting - know where it is kept and how to use it.

Home Safety

Children's Mercy is committed to reducing the impact of injuries on the lives of children and their families through services, research and advocacy.

This safety checklist is intended to help you raise your IQ - your ability to recognize potential dangers in and around your home.

Water Safety

Learn how to keep your children safe around the water with by following these basic tips.

Toy Safety

Toys are great sources of joy and fun for young ones. Toys that are either in poor condition, inappropriate to a child's age or misused can pose a potential risk.

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