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Music Therapy Required Intern Competencies
Music Therapy Required Intern Competencies

Musical Skills

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  • Ability to play basic chord progressions (I, IV, V) on the guitar in at least two keys to accompany singing
  • Ability to play basic chord progressions (I, IV, V) on the piano/keyboard in at least three keys to accompany singing
  • Ability to accompany a song on guitar and/or keyboard and lead a group in singing
  • Ability to play a melody on the piano/keyboard and accompany it with simple chord progressions
  • Ability to read music
  • Demonstrate functional use of voice, including singing in appropriate ranges, with correct pitch and appropriate rhythm and volume
  • Ability to transpose a simple song into two different keys on two different instruments, one of which must be guitar or autoharp
  • Ability to sight read a simple melody with written chordal accompaniment
  • Ability to compose simple original songs
  • Ability to improvise, using keyboard, guitar/autoharp, and/or rhythm instruments
  • General functional knowledge of music theory
  • Knowledge of songs appropriate for all age groups, birth to late adolescence

Therapeutic Skills

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  • Ability to observe and assess a patient's response to music interventions, including the patient's mood, affect, and behavior
  • Ability to accurately document progress from music therapy interventions
  • Ability to express themselves verbally and in writing in a professional manner
  • Ability to plan and implement age appropriate music therapy interventions
  • Demonstrate good time management skills

Professional Qualities

  • Ability to remain flexible, and value the diversity of patient populations encountered
  • Ability to work independently
  • Demonstrate professionalism, and ability to interact well with other disciplines
  • Demonstrate ability to accept constructive feedback, and to seek assistance when needed
  • Demonstrate ability to follow hospital policies and procedures, including infection control and confidentiality policies

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