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Visiting Students, Residents and Fellows Pediatric Endocrinology
Visiting Students, Residents and Fellows Pediatric Endocrinology

Educational Objectives: Develop skills in taking history and physical exam in patients with endocrine disorders. Establish differential diagnoses, work-up and treatment plan for common endocrine disorders appropriate for student's level of training.

Responsible Faculty: Figen Ugrasbul-Eskinar, MD

Administrative Assistant:  Danelle Vogt (akvogt@cmh.edu), (816) 960-8995

Contact Person: April Gerry, BS (algerry@cmh.edu), (816) 234-1367

Elective Duration: Four weeks/One month

Format: Three weeks in outpatient pediatric endocrinology clinic. One week on inpatient service.

Variable: Basic endocrinology research is also available.

Prerequisites: Successful completion of core pediatric clerkship.

Description: Clinical rotation in Pediatric Endocrinology Outpatient Clinic along with exposure to inpatient and consultative services.

Calls: No

Criteria for Passing: Demonstrate proficiency in educational objectives above. Regular attendance in clinic or ward.

Criteria for Honors: Demonstrate superior abilities in educational objectives above.

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