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Psychology Internship
Psychology Internship

The Psychology Internship Program at Children's Mercy focuses on delivering services to children and their families, as well as to other caregivers who regularly interact with children. 

Program Opportunities

The program aims to provide an integrated, individually-tailored, balanced and coordinated series of learning experiences that will serve the aspiring professional psychologist with opportunities to:

  • Practice and expand on previously-held knowledge and learned skills
  • Develop new skills and knowledge
  • Experience personal and professional growth, contributing to the emergence of a competent, scientist/practitioner professional psychologist
  • Gain a working knowledge of the pediatric medical community

Program Goals

In order to support our program philosophy, the following represent the internship's training goals:

  • Learn how to assess and conceptualize psychological functioning in a diverse range of children and presenting problems.
  • Gain experience in the provision of effective psychological intervention.
  • Gain clinical experience in the practice of consultation.

Training Philosophy

The program follows a "Scientist Practitioner" training model. In accordance with this model, our program strives to integrate science and practice so activities in one domain inform the other.


While the primary focus of our program remains training in clinical practice, a significant number of faculty conduct rigorous research, allowing us to expand our research mission and to involve interns in research in meaningful ways. Our goal is to produce psychologists who use scientific methodology in their practice-decisions and work with clients using scientifically valid methods, tools, and techniques.

Internship Newsletter

Get the latest information about our internship program, learn about former interns, and get to know our training staff through the internship newsletter.
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