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For Patients Step 2 - Medical Services Cost Estimate

Application Process:


Based on the initial treatment recommendation, the International Services staff will prepare a Medical Services Cost Estimate which details the estimated charges for both hospital resources and the physicians involved in the child's tentative plan of care. When possible, we will provide information regarding any potential additional costs such as medical equipment, supplies, pharmacy and diagnostic testing as available. If requested, International Services staff also can advise on availability and costs associated with hotel, temporary housing and transportation in Kansas City.

Please note:
  • The Medical Services Cost Estimate is NOT a packaged price arrangement, nor does it represent the actual costs of diagnostic evaluation and subsequent treatment.
  • The proposed plan of care can change once the child has been examined at CMH, and, can change even during the actual treatment process. The Medical Services Cost Estimate will be revised according to the physician's treatment recommendations.

It is essential to understand that CMH physicians and staff work as a team to provide the family with the most accurate medical and financial information possible. However, in most cases, it is impossible to identify all the factors that can impact the child's diagnosis and subsequent treatment recommendations until a CMH physician examines the child.

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