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For Patients Step 1 - Application and Medical Review

Application Process:


Every appointment request begins with a complete review of the child's current medical condition. 

You will need to provide the child's current medical history summary (no more than 30 days old) and copies of all pathology, laboratory, surgery or diagnostic reports. These records can be faxed to Children's Mercy International Services.

All information must be provided in English.

Once the International Services staff has reviewed the required information, we will forward all materials to the appropriate medical personnel.

Please note, the review process takes 5-10 working days but can take longer if medical records are delayed. Once the review is completed, the International Services staff will contact you or your physician with a medical recommendation and if appropriate, a tentative plan of medical care. A confirmed treatment plan can only be provided at the time the child is examined at CMH. Once the child is examined at CMH, changes could occur to the medical plan.

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