Patient Stories

Patient Stories

Tyler, liver recipient

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Tyler was born with a rare congenital disease called biliary atresia, which creates a blockage between the liver and the gallbladder. At just eleven weeks old Tyler was rushed into surgery for a procedure called a Kasai, which would create an open duct for bile to drain from the liver. Tyler’s surgery appeared successful for the first month, until he was diagnosed with an infection in the liver. The procedure hadn’t worked, and a liver transplant was the next step. “It wasn't until the doctor told me that this was the beginning, not the end, that the seriousness of Tyler’s condition hit me,” says Tyler’s mother, Trish. Tyler and his family waited and continued fighting for his health. Thankfully, due to a generous organ donor, Tyler received a liver transplant 15 months later and is now a healthy, active little boy. Tyler’s family is incredibly grateful for the gift he was given.

Jacob, heart recipient


Jacob had a lot to celebrate when he graduated from high school. When a heart condition kept him confined to a hospital bed his entire senior year, he worked hard to complete all of his schoolwork online. On graduation day, not only did he receive his diploma, but he got the news that a new heart was on its way. Organ donation gave Jacob a new lease on life. “Thank you is not enough,” says Jacob’s mom. “He can do whatever he wants to do. This is the most special gift.”

Brendan, liver recipient

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Brendan was born with a genetic disorder that eventually led to liver failure and the news that he would need a transplant. After being knocked off the list several times because he was too sick for transplant, his second chance came and Brendan received the transplant that would save his life. At his one-year check-up he had grown five inches and gained more than 20 pounds.
“Brendan has been so brave during this entire journey,” said Jason, Brendan’s father. “We are so very thankful to his donor and the family that made his life possible. We will never forget this amazing gift.”