Kernicterus Contact Us

Patients and Families

Our department receives many requests to evaluate patients. I currently see patients in the inpatient and outpatient services of Children's Mercy Kansas City's Neurology Department. We make and coordinate referrals by email at or by phone at (816) 234-9398. You may be seen in consultation with recommendations for treatment to be carried out locally, or you may receive ongoing care at our clinic, or may opt for a combination of the two.

For Questions about Kernicterus

If you have questions about kernicterus or services provided at Children's Mercy, please email them to and our team will be happy to answer them.

Appointments and Medical Records

To schedule appointments and arrange to have medical records sent, email us at or contact us by phone at (816) 302-8412.

Health Care Professionals

Admissions, consults, and transports 

If this is a request for a consultation please email Dr. Shapiro at or call 1 (800) GO-MERCY (466-3729) and ask for the Neurologist on call.

If this it a request for an immediate or urgent admission or transport please call 1 (800) GO-MERCY (466-3729) 


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