Kernicterus Clinical Services

Services Provided



New patients fill out a questionnaire and undergo a physical and neurological examination. Patients are routinely videotaped for documentation of movements.


A full range of routine and specialty diagnostic testing is available, including MRI and PET scans, evoked potentials (ABR, SEP, VEP); EMG, EEG, video EEG, sleep studies, metabolic and genetic testing, auditory, and neuropsychological testing.


Educational consultants experienced in evaluating the educational needs of children with neurological problems.


Patients benefit from having access to a collaborative approach to care that includes specialists in pediatric genetics, neurosurgery, neuromuscular and movement disorders specialists, physical medicine rehabilitation, audiology; otolaryngology; speech, physical, and occupational therapy, gait analysis, and neuropsychology.

Pharmacological Treatments (Medications)

Non-pharmacological treatments which might include referrals to speech, physical and/or occupational therapy, rehab and/or assistive technology, educational recommendations, botulinum toxin injections, baclofen pumps, cochlear implants, or deep brain stimulators.

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