Fetal Health Center Clinical Services
Fetal Health Center Clinical Services

The Fetal Health Center focuses on pregnancies complicated by a condition that will benefit from advanced diagnostics, possible prenatal intervention, and a team of pediatric specialists during the newborn period. Specialists involved in care include perinatologists, pediatric surgeons, neonatologists, cardiologists, geneticists, and other specialists if needed.

Services Offered
  • Diagnosis and management of fetuses with complex congenital malformations
  • Consultative services with a maternal/fetal medicine specialist
  • Integrated care coordination with a broad range of pediatric specialists prior to delivery
  • Delivery services for high-risk babies with congenital conditions
  • Level IV neonatal and pediatric subspecialty care as needed for these newborns
  • Fetal Health Center Special Care Delivery Service (Delivery service for healthy mothers of babies diagnosed with complex congenital anomalies)
  • Fetal surgery

Commonly Treated Conditions

Other Complications of Pregnancy

  • Twin-to-twin transfusion syndrome (TTTS)
  • Twin-reversed arterial perfusion (TRAP) sequence
  • Unequal placental sharing
  • Amniotic bands
  • Fetal anemia and thrombocytopenia

Special Care Delivery

We provide direct access to specialized care for both mothers and their babies throughout the labor, birth, and postpartum period.
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Perinatal Clinic

The Perinatal Clinic provides advanced diagnostic and screening services.
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Integrated Prenatal Clinic

The Integrated Prenatal Clinic coordinates individualized care plans for mothers and babies.
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Neonatal Intensive Care Nursery (NICU)

Our 87-bed neonatal intensive care nursery (ICN) is the only Level IV unit in the region. 
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Fetal Cardiac Clinic

Our program specializes in evaluation and management of heart problems before birth and providing families with comprehensive support and education.
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Maternal Fetal Transport

Providing safe and specialized transport for expecting mothers and their unborn babies needing immediate access to a higher level of care.
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