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Weighing In News and Features
Weighing In News and Features

KC Kids Marathon

The Kids Marathon gives young runners, Kindergarten through 8th grade, a chance to complete their own mini-marathon on the day of the Kansas City Marathon.

Systems Mapping

Weighing In, through a contract with the Midwest Center for Nonprofit Leadership, produced a research-based regional systems map that reflects the variety of community agencies and service providers who play a role in prevention and treatment of childhood obesity.

This document: 

  • Conceptualizes the system of agencies that play a role in the issues associated with childhood obesity from prevention through treatment; 
  • Describes the roles and influence of the various program elements within the system; and 
  • Guides collaboration and planning functions to align our efforts for success.

The Systems Map (pdf)

Childhood Obesity Metrics

While there is a wealth of data on population-based rates of adult obesity and risk factors, there is limited data available on children at the local level, making it difficult to tailor plans based on needs and track progress. Weighing In has contracted with the University of Missouri, which led a process to select measures and indicators, creating a comprehensive profile of childhood obesity for the greater Kansas City area. This profile enables community partners to identify priorities, focus plans and track progress. 

Executive Summary (pdf)

Childhood Obesity Metrics Report (pdf)

For more information about the full report, contact us at weighingin@cmh.edu.

Healthy Lifestyles Community Council and Community Engagement

Collaboration has been a foundation to the success of the Healthy Lifestyles Initiative and other Weighing In efforts. The challenge is building a collaborative approach in helping Kansas City metro residents achieve a healthy weight and practice healthy behaviors. This is no small challenge, in view of the multi-faceted issues that impact what we eat, how active we are and how we access and benefit from health care.

Healthy Lifestyles Community Council

Weighing In, in partnership with other community partners participating in the Healthy Lifestyles Initiative, is supporting the creation of a council that will facilitate collaboration in these efforts. The goal is for a community-based council, governance structure, and a community engagement process to be in place by the end of 2015. This effort is being built to evolve as the community needs and issues evolve. If you would like to be involved with this effort, please contact us at weighingin@cmh.edu.

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