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Sports Medicine

Sports Medicine

The Center for Sports Medicine at Children's Mercy is among the nation's premiere sports medicine programs and is specifically focused on caring for the student-age athlete.

Why Pediatric Sports Medicine?

Our team of sports medicine specialists understand the growing bodies and minds of student athletes. Injuries to children and adolescents can be very different from those experienced by adults and our team of specialists are uniquely trained to provide care that meets these unique needs. We are one of only a handful of programs in the country that provides a comprehensive approach to care, for a full range of youth sports injuries. 

Injury Prevention and Treatment


Sports-related concussions. Learn more about concussions


Dislocations, mult-directional shoulder instability, labral tears, rotator cuff strains, AC separations, and Little League Shoulders. Read about Children's Mercy and how it helped two teammates on their road to recovery.


Dislocations, fractures, Little League Elbow, medial/lateral epicondylitis, UCL reconstruction (Tommy John)


Dislocations, fractures and overuse injuries. Learn more about gymnast's wrist.


Sport-related back pain, spondylolisthesis, and spondylolysis


Avulsion injuries, impingement, labral tears, and snapping hip syndrome


ACL injuries, sprains, meniscal tears, Osteochondritis Dissecans (OCD), patella dislocations, and patellofemoral knee pain. 

Children's Mercy offers the first and only ACL Injury Prevention Program in the Kansas City area operated and managed by athletic trainers and physical therapists with sports medicine physician oversight. You can also watch a KMBC story to learn more about how Children's Mercy is preventing ACL injuries.

Ankle and foot

Fractures, sprains, strains, instability, Achilles tendon and peroneal injuries
Learn more about ankle injuries and ankle strengthening tips.

Acute or chronic illness or conditions

Heat illness, exercise-induced asthma, female athlete triad, compartment syndrome, mononucleosis, and nutrition-related concerns affecting performance. Learn more about hydration and how to avoid heat illness.


The Center for Sports Medicine is proud to partner with several organizations in the Kansas City area. We provide athletic training services for student-athletes across the area. We also are working to improve youth health through our partnership with Sporting Kansas City.
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