Family Giving Tips

Family Giving Tips

Family Giving Tips

There are all kinds of ways to get kids involved in giving back by taking these small actions at home. You can inspire your children – the next generation – to make a difference in our community. 

● Spark a conversation. It is never too early to talk about giving back. Spark a conversation about helping others when you are in the car, at dinner or during the bedtime routine. 

 ● Avoid money-only talk. For kids to truly understand the impact of their donation, avoid only talking only about money. Expand your charitable donations to giving their favorite toys or spending time at a local food pantry. These experiences are real and personal. 

 ● Start a budget. You can help them divide their piggy bank treasure into three categories: something for them, something for others, and something to save for the future. This allows them to have a little fun while learning about the power of giving back. 

 ● Make it simple. Integrate a family give-back strategy into your everyday lives. Interested in sports? Volunteer as a coach. Too much clutter? Play a game of collecting old books for kids in need. Tired of birthday party excess? Ask party goers to donate to a favorite charity in lieu of gifts.

It's simple to get started today!

Host a birthday party

Host a Birthday Party

Host a birthday party to benefit Children’s Mercy and encourage friends and family to join your efforts in lieu of receiving gifts.


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Buy a Piggy Bank

For a minimum donation of $35, families receive a piggy bank to decorate and fill.