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Podcasts Dr. Lantos and the Pediatric Bioethics Center
Podcasts Dr. Lantos and the Pediatric Bioethics Center

'Good Morning, Children's Mercy!' 

Children’s Mercy was only the second children’s hospital in the country to start a Pediatric Bioethics Center, and now it is the first in the country to offer a Certificate in Pediatric Bioethics. In this podcast John Lantos, MD, Director of the Bioethics Center, talks with Jason about the founding of the Center, its focus on the areas of health policy, clinical ethics issues and research, as well as the pioneering Pediatric Bioethics Certificate Program. The rigorous, year-long  course delves into key topic areas such as pediatric palliative care, immunization controversies and genomic sequencing in newborns, and is drawing enrollees from across the country and around the world. (Time: 10:40)

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