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Podcasts Dr. Iqbal Establishing a Fetal Surgery Program
Podcasts Dr. Iqbal Establishing a Fetal Surgery Program

'Good Morning, Children's Mercy!'

Corey Iqbal, MD, has returned to Children’s Mercy to establish a Fetal Surgery program, and in this week’s “Good Morning, Children’s Mercy!” podcast, Jason talks with him about therapies that fall under the fetal surgery umbrella; the timetable for launching a fetal surgery program; and getting the word out that Children’s Mercy has now has this additional expertise. Dr. Iqbal completed a fellowship in pediatric surgery at Children’s Mercy, then spent a year completing a fellowship focused on fetal surgery at the University of California-San Francisco’s Fetal Treatment Center before returning to Children’s Mercy in July 2013 as Chief of the Section of Fetal Surgery. Learn more about Dr. Iqbal’s plans in today’s podcast!
(Time: 11:25 minutes)

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