Resource Center for Families Talking with Teens
Resource Center for Families Talking with Teens

Talking with Teens : "LOL-TTYL-OMG…"

May 5, 2012 conference brochure

Archived presentations:  Approaching Difficult Subjects with Teens by Daryl A. Lynch, MD
Improving Interactions with Teens by Stephani Stancil
Teen Communication and Social Media by Kathryn Stefanowycz


Books about communicating with your teen:
Public libraries are great sources for books about how to talk to your teen-
Kansas City MO Public Library
Mid-Continent Public Library (MO)

Talking with your teen web resources : 
Communicating with Teens:
KidsHealth for Parents: Communication and your 13- to 18-year-old
Communicating clearly with your adolescent by Carl Pickhardt, Psychology Today, May 30, 2011.
How communication becomes more complicated in adolescence by Carl Pickhardt, Psychology Today, August 8 2011
Communication-helping your child through early adolescence (US Dept. of Education)
Communicating with your teen by Shannon Sachs and Kara Newby

Communicating about Sensitive Issues and Risky Behaviors:
NIH News in Health: Risky Business-Dealing with your teen's behavior
Make a difference-talk to your child about alcohol (NIAAA)
Parenting to prevent childhood alcohol use (NIAAA)
Partnership at parents can explain to their children about not drinking or using drugs
10 Tips for parents to help their children avoid teen pregnancy

texting while drivingTexting while driving!

Communicating for the Health Professional:
Interviewing and communicating with adolescents - Lawrence Neinstein MD
Communicating in adolescence: building on strengths while addressing risks (archived AAP 2008 web cast)
Communicating with teens by Primrose Ketchum, Canadian Family Physician 1995 Nov;41;2037-2038
PubMed: Professional-Patient Relations (Adolescents, English, last 10 years)

CyberSafety and Social Networking-what you may need to know:
Internet Safety 
Social Networking 101
Learn the Net: Social Media Netiquette
25 Rules of Social Media Netiquette by Alexandra Samuel

More Teen Resources
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