Resource Center for Families SH Screening for Health
Resource Center for Families SH Screening for Health

Screening for Health and Injury

Bright Futures Pocket Guide (may download one personal copy for free)

School Health Screening Programs (Health, Mental Health and Safety Guidelines for Schools)

Health Check Tools from Medline Plus

NASBE School Health Policy Database by state: Screening for Health Conditions

Missouri Guidelines

Blood Pressure
Tables for Children and Adolescents

BMI Percentile Calculator for Child and Teen (CDC)

SCAT2 (Sport Concussion Assessment Tool 2 for health professionals)
Pocket SCAT2 (for coaches and trainers)

Guidelines for Growth Screening in Missouri Schools (April 2005)
CDC Growth Charts

Head Lice Guidelines (KS)

Guidelines for Hearing Screening (MO DHSS)
Hearing Screening Guidelines and Resource Manual (KSDE Oct. 2014)
YouTube: PA Dept of Health School Hearing Screening Protocol
Hearing Loss in Children-Screening Guidelines and Recommendations

Guidelines for Spinal Screening in Schools (MO DHSS Sept. 2004)

Guidelines for Vision Screening in Missouri Schools (Oct 2014) additional resources
Vision Screening Guidelines (KS, June 2004)
A Guide for Vision Testing in California Public Schools (2005 manual with checklists, vision testing of nonverbal/nonliterate students, etc.)

Snellen Eye Chart

Screening Equipment (Commercial Sources-not a comprehensive list)
MacGill Discount School Nurse Supplies
School Health Corporation
Vision Screeners and Vision Testing Products (StereoOptical company)

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