Mom Quiz Spring 2014


The correct answers to the Spring Mom Quiz are: B and C.

B. Your local park should have separate playgrounds for younger and older children.
According to, playground equipment should be designed for three different age groups, and signs should clearly state which playgrounds are appropriate for what age children.

C. Necklaces, earrings, helmets and clothing with drawstrings should not be worn at the playground.
Helmets, necklaces and drawstrings on clothing can become caught on equipment and cause a strangulation hazard. Always make sure your child is wearing clothes that do not have straps or strings that can catch on equipment and closed-toe shoes, such as tennis shoes, before heading to the playground.

The Other Answers

A. Grass is an appropriate surface under playground equipment because it is soft enough to absorb impact if your child falls.
The ability of grass, turf and soil to absorb shock diminishes over time with wear, according to the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons. Choose a playground that has shredded tires, mulch, or fine sand or gravel beneath playground equipment.

D. Wood and metal are safe materials for swing set seats.
Rubber or plastic are the only suitable materials for swing set seats.

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