Kreamer Resource Center for Families Try These Websites!
Kreamer Resource Center for Families Try These Websites!

Be sure to explore the information for Parents and Families, the Your Child's Health section, and the Mercy Bear Tours on the Children's Mercy web site!

CAP4Kids-Kansas City Parent handouts on local resources for and about children

Healthy Children (AAP)

MedlinePlus health articles, medical encyclopedia with pictures, drug and supplement information, directories of physicians and hospitals, interactive tutorials, surgery videos, and more in English and Spanish.

SkinSight - diagnose that rash or sore on your child's body

NIH for Consumers - information from the National Institutes of Health information for kids, teens, and parents

Family Village a global community of disability-related resources

National Information Center for Children & Youth with Disabilities

Alliance of Genetic Support Groups

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

Children With Diabetes

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