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If you're a parent, you may fear that your kids will use drugs such as marijuana or LSD. But you may not realize the dangers of substances in your own home. Household products such as glues, hair sprays, paints and lighter fluid can be drugs for kids in search of a quick high. Many young people inhale vapors from these not knowing that serious health problems can result.

Parents and kids both need to know this is very dangerous. Even one session of inhalant abuse can disrupt heart rhythms and lower oxygen levels. Either of these can cause death. Regular abuse can result in serious harm to the brain, heart, kidneys and liver. [Source: NIH: National Institute on Drug Abuse]

Lifetime Use of Inhalants and Other Substances among 12 Year Olds: 2006-2008 
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[Source: National Survey on Drug Use and Health]

Specific Types of Lifetime Inhalant Use among Adolescents with At Least One of the Selected Respiratory Conditions*: 2006 to 2008 
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