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For Teens Only The Road To Independence
For Teens Only The Road To Independence

The process of going from a teen to an adult is complex in many ways. We will help you assume responsibility for your own health care as part of that process.

In December 2002, the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) published a policy statement stating that planning for transition of health care from a child-oriented to adult-oriented focus should begin no later than age 14. We realize that medical, developmental, behavioral and social factors all need to be considered.

The points that the AAP states are critical for successful transition of care involve:

ü • Identifying a health care professional currently providing care that will be responsible for assisting with future health care planning. This can be a primary or specialty physician or nurse, social worker, case manager, or other treatment provider.

ü • Making sure that young adults understand their medical conditions, specifically- signs and symptoms that require urgent medical attention; long term implications of their condition and treatments on their general medical, sexual, and reproductive health.

ü • Patients should keep an up-to-date medical summary that is portable and accessible That's what your notebook is!!

ü • The patient, family and health care team should create a detailed written plan for health care transition by age 14. The plan should be followed, with review and updates as needed (at least annually and when there is a transfer of care). Look elsewhere in this book for forms to help with this.

ü • Assure that young adults have access to properly trained adult-oriented health providers and adequate health insurance to cover their needs.

Establish your transition plan, and make sure that EVERYONE follows it. That's the best way to make sure that your plan succeeds.

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