For Teens Only Practicing independent interactions with your providers
For Teens Only Practicing independent interactions with your providers
These are guidelines for your physicians and nurses to follow to help you become more independent. There's no better way for you to practice the skills that you will need with your adult health care provider!
Age 11-13 and onward:
ü• Meet privately w/ the teen for part of office visits
ü • Encourage the teen to assume increasing responsibility for his/her health
management by:
a. Assuring the teen understands his/her health condition
b. Make sure that the teen understands all about his/her medications
Intended effects, side effects, risks of not taking medication as directed
c. Send copies of reports, letters and tests to the teen and family
ü • Provide anticipatory guidance regarding nutrition, fitness, sexuality and
relationships, substance abuse and smoking
Age 14-16 and onward:
ü • Begin discussions about future plans and transfer to adult health care provider
Age 17-19 :
ü • Identify possible adult care providers
ü • Encourage patient to meet and interview adult providers
ü • Initiate communication w/ adult provider that the family has selected
ü • Transfer medical records, including a written patient transfer summary
ü • Follow up after the transfer

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