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For Teens Only Helpful Resources Along the Way
For Teens Only Helpful Resources Along the Way
The Kreamer Family Resource Center (KFRC), located on the main campus of Children's Mercy Hospitals and Clinics, has several items that may be helpful in preparing teens for their eventual transition to adult health care. In addition, there are materials for teens with learning disabilities or developmental delay transitioning to higher education or to work.
Books may also be obtained from your local library
Helpful Websites for Transition Information:
Healthy and Ready to Work National Center (extensive resource; see funded projects, national and state transition initiatives, and other -transition systems and resources)
Adolescent Health Transition Project: a resource for adolescents with special health care needs, chronic illnesses, physical or developmental disabilities (includes information for teens, parents, health care providers; adolescent autonomy checklists, transition timelines in Spanish, Vietnamese, Russian, Chinese) http://depts.washington.edu/healthtr/
Youth in Transition (British Columbia Children's Hospital; includes a transition planning checklist) http://www3.bc.sympatico.ca/steeksma/Medical/transition.htm
Health Care Transitions (note the Resources section) http://hctransitions.ichp.edu/
YouthHood.org (National Center on Secondary Education and Transition)
Supplemental Security Income (SSI) for children (800) 772-1213
Community Resources
There is a great deal of information available on your specific condition. Find out from your health care provider what the best sources for accurate information are.
You can put whatever reference material you like the best in this section.

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