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For Teens Only Adult General Health Concerns
For Teens Only Adult General Health Concerns
A. Long term health needs related to disease :
Virtually all chronic health conditions require some sort of long term follow-up. Those specifics are based on the condition and therapy given. New information is always being discovered, leading to changes in your treatment, and treatment of newly diagnosed patients based on long term results. For both these reasons, it is important that you continue to follow- up with your medical care, even if you no longer have a condition that requires active treatment. (example: childhood cancer survivor)
B. In addition, your new providers will continue to monitor your general health. Some
aspects of this care include:
1.Appropriate exercise regimens
2.Nutritional needs
3.Potential outcomes of at-risk behaviors such as smoking, drug and
alcohol use
4.Sexual considerations/ reproductive counseling
We hope that this notebook will help you manage your health care more easily
and effectively.
Growing into a young adult is an exciting journey. We hope this information
takes some of the bumps out of your road.

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