Environmental Health Healthy Home Program
Environmental Health Healthy Home Program

The Healthy Home Program is a partnership between our staff, your healthcare provider, and you to help identify and reduce environmental exposures that may cause or worsen respiratory health problems within your the home. During your participation you will learn about the potential health effects of a wide range of respiratory irritants and chemical exposures. Our staff will help create an action plan to help reduce health risks and exposures with the goal to promote a healthier environment in your home. 

Education is the Key

Targeted indoor environmental health education is a key component when addressing home health concerns. Healthy Home Program families receive a consultation from one of our specialists, healthy home resources and materials.

You do not have to participate in the Healthy Home Program or have a referral in order to receive a complimentary environmental health phone consultation.

View our resources for healthy homes.

Our Healthy Home Assessments Include:

  • Healthy home visual assessment
  • General indoor air quality checkup
  • Moisture assessment
  • Dust and allergens assessment
  • Safety and injury prevention checkup
  • Household product use and storage
  • Recommendations for improving your home environment and health

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