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Managed Care Payor Relations Staff Members
Managed Care Payor Relations Staff Members

Members of the Payor Relations team include:

Bob Finuf, VP, PCN, Executive Director, Pediatric Care Network
Phone: (816) 559-9370
E-mail: bfinuf@cmpcn.org

Jennifer Forbes, Office Manager, Pediatric Care Network
Phone: (816) 559-9378
E-mail: jforbes@cmpcn.org

Chad Moore, JD, MHA, Senior Director, Payor Relations
Phone: (816) 559-9378
E-mail: cmoore@cmpcn.org 

Kathy Ripley-Hake, MHA, Director, Payor Relations

Phone: (816) 701-5218
Extension: 45218
Email: kmripleyhake@cmh.edu

Royce Tenney, MBA, Contract Analytics Manager, Payor Relations

Phone: (816) 701-5216
Extension: 45216
Email: rttenney@cmh.edu


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