Individualized Pediatric Therapeutics Drug Safety

Inpatient Service

The Individualized Pediatric Therapeutics Drug Safety Service at Children's Mercy Hospitals and Clinics is a multi-disciplinary team of health care providers who will help identify and define adverse reactions that have occurred prior to a patient's visit to CMH or that occur during a hospitalization.

In addition, the team will support and educate staff and families about different types of adverse reactions for inpatients, including working with the clinical pharmacy staff to determine the types of reactions (allergy, side effect, idiosyncratic, or unknown) that have occurred in children and document them appropriately in the electronic medical record.

If an adverse reaction is determined to be a moderate to severe, the team will work with the patient's primary care provider, attending physician, and members of the CMH staff to appropriately define the reaction and work to offer appropriate medications to the patient. This will include small incremental changes to the electronic medical record and communication with families, staff members and community pediatricians.

By improving our current system, we hope to be able to give the most appropriate treatments for each patient.

  • Avoiding medications that may cause the patient harm
  • Using the best medication to treat the disease
  • Preventing unnecessary avoidance of medications that are safe if used appropriately and proper education is provided
Patient safety
  • Improving documentation of adverse reactions will prevent future events.
  • Prevent adverse reactions to more toxic medications by allowing patients to receive the medications that are appropriate for them
Quality of Patient Care
  • Better understanding of the drug reactions (education) by families and practitioners
  • More refined focus on the patient in regard to what medications they can and cannot take

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