Mercy's Automated Research System (MARS)

MARS is designed for researchers to submit their IRB applications online. Submissions are entered, routed, reviewed and finalized electronically. This tool improves efficiency for the IRB review and investigators.

Managing Account Issues

If you are unable to log in or be added as a study team member, fill out the MARS access form on the MARS home page under "Find out more about ..."  Your account will be created, and a username and password will be sent to you via email.

The Help Desk does not manage MARS accounts. If you have any issues or questions about logging in, please contact the Office of Research Integrity at (816) 701-4358 or via email.

Access for Non-Employees

While not all non-employees require MARS access, those that will be editing IRB submissions and therefore need access, there are two additional steps needed:

Training Videos

Watch training to learn features of the MARS system.
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