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Research Process Summary

The Process: Seven Steps to Success

Step One: Pick the Research Project
  • Find the topic/hypothesis to be tested/question to be answered
  • Search the literature
  • Find resources/advice
  • Refine the topic/hypothesis/question
Step Two: Research Design
  • Learn about designs/methods
  • Choose the doable design/method
  • Get help
  • Statistics
Step Three: Resources and Approvals to Begin
  • Time (how much needed and how to get it)
  • Money (how much needed and how to get it)
  • Other resources needed (including research partners?)
  • Approvals from supervisor/can your supervisor help you?
  • Approvals from your institution
Step Four: Do the Research/Collect the Data
Step Five: Analyze the Results
Step Six: Publish the Results
  • Choose your audience
  • Choose your format
  • Publication of research results to multiple audiences in multiple formats
Step Seven: Evaluate


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