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Research Clinical Trials
Research Clinical Trials

Children's Mercy has participated in industry-sponsored clinical trials for more than 25 years, working with nearly 60 top pharmaceutical sponsors in a vast range of clinical areas. We participate in robust pediatric clinical research studies, including pediatric pharmacological and drug-therapy trials sponsored by industry, local, and state agencies and the federal government.

What Families Need to Know

Before you decide to have your child participate in a clinical trial, there are several things to consider. It is important to know that the studies are optional, and your child will continue to receive the best possible care whether you choose to participate in a clinical trial opportunity. All research studies are done with the approval and oversight of an ethics committee called the Institutional Review Board.

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Active Clinical Trials

Each year, our researchers participate in more than 100 active clinical trials. Through this research commitment, Children's Mercy has also seen a significant increase in grant submissions and research awards received from National Institutes of Health, foundations and the private sector.
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Pioneers Recruitment Registry

The Pioneers Recruitment Registry is a network of hospitals and doctors located in Kansas and Western Missouri seeking volunteers to participate in clinical trials.
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Our institution provides the following services to pediatric and adolescent patients:


  • Phase I - 4 clinical-trial experience
  • Phase I and II pediatric-specific protocol development
  • Statistical analysis
  • PK/PD drug metabolism studies
  • Investigators certified by the American Board of Clinical Pharmacology
  • 47 pediatric specialties
  • Phase 1 Clinical Research Center
  • Central research office
  • Comprehensive on-site laboratory services
  • Investigational drug pharmacist
  • Study management software

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