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How to Refer Helpful Hints for Referring a Patient

The more you can help prepare your patient's family for their child's appointment at Children's Mercy, the better we can expedite care.

Here is what we ask parents to bring with them to their child's appointment:

  • Summary from the child's doctor.
  • Results from the child's previous lab tests, X-rays or other tests. We try not to repeat tests unless necessary.
  • Immunization record.
  • List of questions for the Children's Mercy doctor
  • An insurance card and any referrals required. We ask parents to check with their insurance company to see if they need pre-authorization or a referral before coming to Children's Mercy.
  • Social Security number for the patient and parents, if it is the child's first visit to Children's Mercy.
  • If the child is an infant, we ask parents to bring enough diapers, bottles, toys, etc., to take care of the baby's needs for several hours. A stroller would come in handy, too. Parents may also wish to bring some snacks.
  • If the family is traveling a long distance, an overnight bag is a good idea. If the family needs help locating overnight accommodations, ask them to call our Social Work & Community Services department at(816) 234-3670.
  • If parents are not certain whether their insurance plan covers visits to Children's Mercy, have them call us prior to their appointment at (816) 701-5200.
  • If the family requires an interpreter/translator, contact our Social Work & Community Service department in advance at (816) 234-3670.

For detailed information pertaining to a specific clinic referral process, please see Specialty Clinics/Pre-Visit Forms.

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