Asthma Inclusion/Exclusion Guidelines

Initial Assessment

The treatment of children who present to the Emergency Department with an asthma exacerbation should be started quickly. Therefore, a brief history and brief physical examination (including auscultation, use of accessory muscles, heart rate, respiratory rate and oxygen saturation) should be obtained.

Guideline Inclusion Criteria

This guideline is intended to be a treatment tool for children with signs and symptoms of an asthma exacerbation. It is intended for children- 2- 18 years of age and a history consistent with asthma exacerbation.

Guideline Exclusion Criteria

This guideline is not intended for children < 2 years of age, as the signs and symptoms of viral infections are similar to the signs and symptoms of asthma. (EPR-3, 2007, p. 378)

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