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About the Authors Jeremy Garrett, PhD

Jeremy Garrett, PhD, joined the Center in May, 2010 as Research Associate in Bioethics. He also serves as Assistant Professor of Pediatrics and Adjunct Assistant Professor of Philosophy, University of Missouri-Kansas City. Dr. Garrett received his PhD in Philosophy from Rice University where he served for several years as Managing Editor of the Journal of Medicine and Philosophy. Most recently he has been an assistant professor of philosophy at California State University in Sacramento. His areas of specialization include bioethics, ethical theory and social, political and legal philosophy. Dr. Garrett has published both invited and peer-reviewed articles and has edited books forthcoming on the ethics of animal research and the historical development of bioethics in the United States. His upcoming research project on the ethics of returning individual results in genomic biobank research is funded by a grant from the national Human Genome Research Institute (http://www.genome.gov/27545526). Dr. Garrett serves on the Hospital Ethics Committee and organizes the Hospital Ethics Committee's monthly Ethics Brown Bag Workshop Series.

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